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Melting Bath Oil – Slip in and treat your skin.
One of life’s little luxuries…
Pure essential oils of: Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, fragrant oils and Coco Butter.

7 per bag.

Coco Butter: is considered the ultimate moisturizer. It is naturally rich in vitamin E – which helps soothe, hydrate and balance the skin.
It melts at body temperature and easily absorbs into skin. It retains moisture and protects sensitive skin against environmental conditions.

Our Interpretation of Eco Beauty

Welcome to Eco Beauty Brands, a proudly New Zealand owned and operated Mother / Daughter business.

Whilst we understand that legally a product doesn't have to match any criteria to classify itself as eco-friendly, we believe that
small changes really can make a big difference and our handpicked collection of products and suppliers is our own interpretation of “ECO”.

We are dedicated to offering an exciting range of premium products that will each in its own way have a more positive impact on
our health and our planet, when compared to a not so “friendly’ alternative.

We would like to thank-you in advance for choosing
to shop with us, we know it’s a choice and we hope you enjoy your purchases as much as we enjoy sourcing these beautiful products for you.

Michelle & Casey

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