How to Heal Dry Winter Skin with Natural NZ Skincare Treatment

Daylight savings is back and I love that the clock in my car is finally telling me the correct time!! However the cold weather, shorter daylight hours and less sunshine, (as Shania would say),  really don't impress me much. 

My own skin is already dryer and a little irritated by wearing all the additional clothing layers again and for anyone who has eczema we know that this can be a time of year when symptoms can worsen.

Our customers have had some very impressive results with our Active Manuka Repairing Honey Cream as a topical treatment for Eczema. There is a great post on our facebook page which shows the results over 10 days, with improvement after 1 day!

This NZ natural skincare product is recommended for nearly every topical skin ailment - burns, cuts, abrasions, eczema and psoriasis, nappy rash, bites, rashes and ulcers, a friend of mine even raves about the speed it healed his nasty fishing cuts!

Based on impressive results this product gets 5 stars from us!

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