• Mango, Lime & Turmeric Sparkling Prebiotic Drink
  • Sparkling prebiotic drink Mango, Lime & Turmeric

Mango, Lime & Turmeric Sparkling Prebiotic Drink

These bottles of sparkling goodness are an excellent way to get prebiotics into your daily routine.

This tropical prebiotic drink with apple cider vinegar is refreshing, delicious and guilt free with no added sugar. Making it a healthy alternative to soda or juice.

Kreol sparkling prebiotic drink helps aid digestion, detoxifying and aiding immune function. 

Live Prebiotic cultures and Prebiotic fibre

Natural plant based ingredients

Vegan Friendly

Raw Organic chicory root added to boost prebiotics

All flavours are made with Biodynamic Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar
Containing the Live Mother Culture


  • $5.50