• Natural calming Blend essential oil 5mls

Calming Blend Essential Oil 5mls

When you are feeling overwhelmed and would like to take time out to calm down, this may just be the blend to help.  Ylang Ylang & Vetiver are  strongly scented oils, renowned for their calming and grounding effects on our emotions. Chamomile is excellent for relaxation.  We have added Cedarwood & Sweet Orange because of their pleasant scent, plus they both have soothing properties to help calm the mind & soul.


All oils used in this blend are 100% pure therapeutic grade


Sweet Orange, (Citrus sinensis) cold pressed in Australia. Vetiver, (Vetiveria zizanoides) steamed distilled in Indonesia Cedarwood,

(Cedrus deodara) steam distilled in Nepal Ylang Ylang, (Cananga odorata) steam distilled in India.  German Chamomile, ( Matricaria recutita) steam distilled in Nepal.