• CLEARANCE - Joint and Muscle Balm

CLEARANCE - Joint and Muscle Balm

Relieve 50G

BB: March 2020

Relieve Joint and Muscle Balm has been specifically formulated with UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey and carefully selected plant extracts to help relieve joint and muscle pain caused through strains, sprains, over work or other non specific injury.   Contains  Manuka UMF® 15+, Eucalyptus Oil, Citronella Oil, Cinnamon Oil. Calendula Extract, New Zealand Manuka Oil, Wintergreen and Camphor Oil.   If pain persists, please consult your healthcare professional. 

Customer Feedback
"Relieve is an amazing product! I have ongoing hip & back pain and I find that Relieve works for me better than other products I have tried! I am even able to sleep comfortably after using it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering aching joints, body pain or injury recovery. And even though the tube looks small, it goes a long way!
- Jane O. 18/11/2019

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