• Colloidal Copper Solution - 110mls

Colloidal Copper Solution - 110mls

The Copper Solution – Colloidal Copper

 The Copper Solution – Colloidal Copper is a fast acting, highly bio-available, Ionic-Colloidal Copper supplement manufactured from pure Copper. Copper is a crucial micro-nutrient needed by humans and animals for metabolic processes, proper organ function, iron uptake, the formation of pigments, and antioxidant defense.

As Copper is essential for good blood health balance a lack of copper will result in difficulty up taking iron. The Copper Solution is extremely effective at assisting with iron absorption. This product is highly recommended for anyone who takes iron supplementation. It is advisable to check blood iron levels when taking The Copper Solution and iron supplementation as the iron supplementation may need reduced to avoid high levels of iron in the blood.

Anyone with high iron levels should not take Copper supplementation.

 The Copper Solution is a high-quality Colloidal Copper which aids in the formation of:

- Bone, Hemoglobin and Red blood cells.

And involving itself in:

  • The healing process
  • Energy production
  • Hair and skin colouring
  • Taste sensitivity
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