• Kids Christmas Gift Bauble No Nasties Play Makeup Nail Polish, Applicator eyeshadow brush, pink shimmer eyeshadow
  • Kids Christmas Gift Bauble

Kids Christmas Gift Bauble

Ready to gift, these gorgeous festive baubles are ready to hang on the tree with two options.

What better than a pretty bauble with a special space for their name (and yours).

PURPLE bauble contains -

1 x No Nasties Pink Eyeshadow

1 x Mini 2.5ml Nail Polish in Hot Pink

and a Double-sided Sponge Applicator


PINK bauble contains - 
- 1 No Nasties Kids blue eye shadow
- 1 Tinta Natural Christmas crayon (either Christmas tree or gingerbread person)
- 1 double sided sponge applicator

  • $18.99
  • $19.95
  • - 5%