• natural laundry solution supplies set

Laundry Supplies Set

Grab a great deal on this natural laundry supplies set!

Comes with:

A bag of soap nuts 250g - 

Earth friendly Laundry Soap. A biodegradable, economical, sustainable product that naturally washes your clothes comes with a wash bag.

Laundry Whitening powder - 

It’s excellent for removing stains from fabrics and other house hold cleaning. Is also gentle enough to use on Septic systems & Modern Cloth nappies.

Laundry Essential Oil - 

To scent your laundry add a few drop's to your Soap Nut wash- bag for a fresh clean lemon scent and extra antiseptic protection.
Go green in your home! Why not incorporate essential oils in your everyday living. From cleaning the benches to the drains. For example; simply add a few drops to your vacuum cleaner filter bag or onto the cardboard tube of your toilet paper for a fresh clean scent … You can get creative and make your own Natural Air Freshener. The uses are endless…

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