• Natural eco friendly and biodegrable stain remover laundry soap

Stain Remover Soap

Natural cleaning power!
Stain Remover laundry soap that’s eco-friendly & biodegradable.
The soap is made using a traditional Swedish recipe that easily removes stubborn stains from fabrics, carpets & upholstery while still being gentle on your hands.
Works great with Soap Nuts!


Is wonderful to use for hand washing, making it a must-pack travel essential -suiting the needs of every global traveller
Pure essential oils of Lemon Teatree, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon which have antibacterial & antiseptic properties
Chlorophyll powder: A natural stain remover which is excellent for grass stains.


Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (Sustainable), Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Oxgall, Chlorophyll, Olive Oil, Pure Essential Oil of Lemon Myrtle, Lemon, Lemon Tea Tree.

  • $9.50